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1Go Motorcycle Training is committed to give you a high standard professional training to ride safely on the road. 1Go Motorcycle Training is confident you will get the best quality training provided by a fully qualified instructor, with experience and excellent teaching skills, to ensure you receive the best instructions and guidance throughout your training. We teach you all the important skills required to feel fully prepared to pass the practical test, get your full licence, and feel confident and safe on the road.



Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)


CBT is a one day training course which allows you to ride lightweight motorcycles and scooters up to 125cc. It's a provisional entitlement with restrictions, that we will go over during the course.

CBT with 1Go is done on a 125cc scooters and motorcycles as a first step towards your full licence, so the step up to big bikes will be a breeze.

The bikes are very user friendly and easy to ride, so perfect for a new starter with no experience. You must be at least 17 years of age to be legally able to ride a light weight motorcycle (125cc). You must bring a valid provisional or full UK driving licence


Direct Access Scheme (DAS)


Licence A allows you to ride any roadworthy motorcycle without restrictions to your engine capacity or power. You must be over 21 years of age under progressive access or over 24 years under direct access.

All candidates must have a provisional or full UK Driving Licence, a valid CBT certificate and a valid Theory Test. Our price includes Module 1 & 2 test fees.

3-Day Course

Clear and transparent course - no hidden fees and charges.

What we provide is all included in the cost of the course:

Bike hire, fuel and insurance included

Helmet, gloves and high visibility vest provided

Module 1 and Module 2 tests are included and booked for you

Full size Module 1 training site


The course consists of two consecutive days and one to follow booking a week later.

The first day starts with a road ride, which allows you to get used to the bike, and for your instructor to see if there are any gaps in your riding, making sure that you execute every manoeuvre to the required standard. The second part of the day you'll be practising the exercises set out for the Module 1 test. Every one of the exercises will be thoroughly explained to you, with a lot of tips, so they become easy.

The second day will start with a Module 1 recap before you head towards the test centre. You'll be riding around the test area under instruction, so you can get familiar with the roads. We aim to get to the test centre half an hour before your Mod 1 test, allowing you to be calm and collected. Following your test we will continue with Mod 2 training.

The third day is your Module 2 test. You're going to start with a road ride, to warm you up for the test. You will take your test and then we will bring you back to base afterwards.

One-To-One Training


This course is designed for your personal needs:

If you want to go for a DAS course but you've never ridden a manual bike before.

If you have your full licence but you haven't ridden for a long time.

If you think that you might need some extra confidence before your test.

If you want to learn more or simply polish your riding skills.


To find out more information about learning at 1Go, contact us today.

Milton Park and Ride

Cambridge CB24 6ZE


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